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  • The "How do I...?" forum is helpful and all, but a lot of the questions seem to be asked repeatedly by newer users of Construct 2. A lot of these questions are also answered repeatedly by various members of this forum.

    Why not have a wiki? Could call it the Construct 2 Cookbook or something like that, where working solutions and .capx files are posted for various problems.

    This would reduce the number of 'beginner' questions in this forum by a slight amount, and answers are not longer about answering things that have been answered multiple times and instead pointing to wiki links. Once a new user realizes there is a wiki, he/she will probably post less questions overall and refer to the wiki instead.

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  • Thanks for the suggestion! I think the tutorials section should be a good solution for this problem. For FAQ's in the How do I... users could write tutorials showing how to solve these problems and then simply link to them if the question pops up again.

  • I'm actually going to try to start working on this soon. I'm no expert by ANY means, but I do have a mind to try to make even the most complex material as easy to grasp by your most basic learner as possible.

    Yann has the Wiki link via Reddit, so it might be good to bookmark.

    I mean to actually start working on it today, but time eluded me. I should have more free time tomorrow.

  • I'm all for the wiki and increasing the 'general knowledge' of the community as a whole.

    There are a lot of ways to implement something in Construct 2. This freedom is great because it allows people to come up with creative solutions, but it's kind of like reinventing the wheel: there are lots of ways to do it, but there is likely a 'most efficient wheel' and for production purposes, it's best to use that. So for all the 'solutions' that are possible, it would be nice if there was a place where the 'most efficient while remaining clear' solution was to be found.

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