CodeMirror vs Monaco script editor

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  • Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I'm curious as to whether there will ever be a move over from the CodeMirror library currently powering the script editor to the one behind VS Code, Monaco (

    I find the general syntax highlighting, search, line wrapping, code completion, lack of keyboard shortcuts etc. to be quite frustrating to use in the current editor and would love to see a slightly more fleshed out one.

    I'm currently using Construct to create a game entirely with js and in comparison to other editors I use in my day job I find it very frustrating to use.

    Alternatively, some way to be able to hook into some more features with the plugins sdk so I can do this myself would be great. I'm more than happy to implement it, and have actually done this in other projects in the past.

    I'm aware that we can use external code editors when using it as a pwa, but it seems a shame to have to resort to that when this is primarily a browser based tool.

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  • Even if we moved some other people will probably say they preferred the old editor, and since no technology is perfect, Monaco probably has its own quirks and issues. Moving between major components is also very time consuming and difficult, so we won't do it unless there's a very good reason.

    You can use an external editor anyway, e.g. VS Code, if you save the project to a folder. We'll never be able to implement everything VS Code does in Construct anyway, so that approach is probably better in the long run.

  • I thought that might be your answer, but thought it was worth asking the question anyway. Thanks!

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