Change License from Steam manager to Scirra

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    Sorry if i post wrong topic. But please support about license

    I have buy Personal license for limited commercial use by steam. But i want change to manage by scirra without license by steam.Because i need c2license.txt that was shared for my team.

    What I have to do? Please support.

    Thanks and Best Regards


    Wrong place to post such a question.

    As stated in the faq, all licensing issues should be sent to and Tom will deal with your query.

    I would guess that your chances of converting from steam to standalone are probably zero, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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    When upgrading to a business license, Scirra can provide standalone licenses. Be sure to send the payment proof on Steam for the original personal license and the redeem code for the upgrade to get the business license as standalone.

    Beware though, sharing a license is against the licensing terms and completely illegal.

    Each member of the team need their own license.

    In any way, just send requests to the support.

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