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  • Well, I just payed about $130 USD for this package.

    Made something I wanted to share.

    Came to share it, and your forum will not let me post links to it.

    So it is just sitting there with a text URL, just waiting for the first Troll to come along and tell me how big of a "noob" I am for not using the post link button.

    My introduction makes me look like a complete idiot...

    Thanks Forum policy. I feel like a really valued customer right now.

    Now i get to go and figure out how I can delete my post, before too many people see I am an imbecile for trying to share on my first forum post.

  • Just edit your post, and if you look just above the edit box for the message, there is a row of icons. The first one allows you to insert a URL.

  • Yeah, when i use it, the forum block me from posting it, because my forum rep is under 500.

    Thanks for the reply blackhornet. Nice of you forum guys to help out, looking forward to hanging around and contributing here.

    Lots of awesome tutorials, and projects going on 8)

    Ironically it lets me post the blender website link, they must be white-listed or something. It is a very popular application now.

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  • Sorry that the anti-spam features are affecting you in this way. :( If you want, you can post your link here or pm it to me and I'll see if I can edit it into your post.

  • Ummm....

    So after Buying the software, being validated by the forum and given a medal for buying said software, and posting links to an actual project, You guys are going to keep me on the "UNtrusted might be a spam bot list?"

    please excuse me for being slightly insulted. I am a human. I really really am.

    Very nice of you to offer to post links for me Arima, please don't get me wrong. I appreciate the effort very much.

    I honestly am not a spam bot. You guys have even validated my Email, and Paypal account.

    Spam bots usually do not reply to forum posts either.

    I am legit! I am not a bot!

    Lol, I hope that made you laugh... Have a nice day.

    I will ask Ashley for permission to share things I make with his cool game engine.

    I doubt he will have a problem with it. He might even validate me as human, if I compliment the neat new features in the new version I downloaded yesterday 8) .

  • I am annoying on this question also

  • When we didn't have this limitation, spam was out of control, we couldn't keep up with it.

    There are a number of easy ways to quickly increase your rep. You can also post links without using the link tags. People will have to copy and paste it, but it will still display.

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