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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to update the details of my game in the arcade.

    description and keys.

    It doesn't get updated and also html tags <br/> were added to the keys display.

    Also some images are not set right.

    when i export to normal html5 is works ok.

    i tried exporting again to the arcade without any change

    and some images that were positioned wrong are now ok but not all.

    is there a known issue currently with the uploading to the arcade?

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  • Thanks for issue on <br /> I'm aware of that and will amend it soon.

    I'm not sure about the images not being set right, can you show examples and screenshots?

  • i didnt get a screenshot since it was live on the arcade when i wrote the topic.

    when i uploaded again it was solved.

    the problem was a sprite image was displayed in its original size

    instead of the size (larger) I set from the ide.

    currently I also see another problem.

    if i go to the rotary games page at

    the description and number of times game played is different than from

    whats showing when entering a specific game page.

    for example for labyrinth i see v1.1 and played 475 times while

    in the game page its v1.2 and played 785 times.

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