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  • I'm currently facing an issue where I can't respond to people that have PM'ed me. I don't have sufficient reputation to respond.

    Now, I can fully understand restricting sending new PM's to new users. I've built several PHP forums from scratch and setup many others, so I'm aware of the reason.. but when it comes to responding to someone who PM'ed *me*, it's *really* frustrating to not be able to respond. Moreso because there's no reason why someone who contacted me should be punished by my inability to say anything in return (especially since they had a reason to expect a response).

    Could some admin come in and enable that ability for me? Or, alternatively, enable responding to PMs.

  • Hello, I've made it so anyone 'whitelisted' can now PM. It should now work for you.

    I know it's frustrating, and I apologise. Unfortunately we had a lot of scammers and spammers PMing our user base causing problems. A rep limit has proven to be one of the most effective ways to eliminate it.

  • Hey Tom,

    Thanks for your help :) It's very appreciated. And yeah, I understand the irritants of spammers. Thanks for the whitelist!

  • How much reputation do you need to accumulate to send a PM anyhow? I tried looking around for the info, so if it's posted somewhere else already I apologize.

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  • Wigriff

    i think i read on a thread in the past its 500 but i could be wrong.. many have wanted to reach 500

  • Thank you. :)

  • How do you get "whitelisted"?

  • It has to be done manually by us.

  • Hi Tom can I ask to be in the whitelisted too? I have this guy posted in my thread that I wish to contact but I found out that I need more reps to do so, so I searched Google and I found this thread. If I am asking in the wrong place I am sorry and can you please redirect me to the proper page.

    Thank You

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