Can't log in to forum but can on main site?

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  • Getting a little closer to fixing this, could anyone who is logged in on the main site but NOT logged in on the forum please:

    Your IP is needed to look up the correct logs. Thanks anyone who can do this, and apologies again for these forum issues!

  • I believe (tentatively) the issue is now fixed. Could anyone suffering this issue please confirm this for me?

  • Posting to test.

    Yep, all seems to be working.

    Changed my password, logged out, logged in. All seems fine now.

  • Doesn`t work for me, unfortunately. Issue is that I'`m only logged in on the portal level, but not in the forum. Everytime I want to log in to the forum, I have to resend a new password.

    I can use this until I log out, then I have to do it again. When I change my password, the change is being accepted, however, resulting in the original state -> portal login works, forum doesn`t. It just appears that I`m Guest.



  • This issue should now be fixed, although you may need to request a password one final time. Please let me know if it's all OK!

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  • Rejoice, it works! Thanks, Tom :)

  • Wow I'm so excited! Glad to have gotten around to reading this thread. I have not been able to log in here for a while. I followed "Old Confection's" steps, and ...YIPPY! I was thinking about bugging Ash and Tom about my issue in an email, but waited a little while to avoid totally pestering them. Thanks for posting that reply Old Confection!

    I'm very grateful.


    I got so excited about finally getting into the forums again. I was holding off on purchasing my personal license until this problem was resolved. I'm back in, and I just bought my personal license....YIPPY again! Now I just need to go figure out how to activate it.

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