Buying construct 2 fail.

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  • I just tried to purchase construct 2 and it declined my card but gave me 119 rep points acting like I had purchased it. My funds are sufficient and I checked over my info to make sure it corresponds(in case I may have buggered up the input). Do you just get the rep points for the attempt at buying contruct 2?

  • My bank (bank of america) was declining mine on both of my cards, probably because it's in the UK. I had to manually go into my banking, confirm that the charges were not fraudulent, and though they didn't go through it must have added scirra to a whitelist because then I was able to buy it.

  • thanks for your reply. I think I'll just buy a prepaid visa or mastercard from a retail chain because they usually work for international purchases. the strange thing is that it gave me rep points and that's the confusing bit. I'm using construct for a college class and I've run out of events (plus having the ability to use families and subfolders would greatly increase my ability to make a cohesive game), but if that doesn't work, I'll try getting with my bank on a weekday.

    thanks again for the help.

  • If this happened on last few days, it may well be due changes to the site and forum.. I'd check if the money has been taken from the card and if not, try again in couple days. If the purchase still fails, I'd recommend sending E-mail to Scirra and report the problems.

  • Yeah, I used a prepaid visa and got a thank you screen but no conformation key in my email, spam, or other. I dunno. I'll just keep making assets for the game and coding in a separate file layout/event sheet (in order to combine them later). hopefully in a couple of days it will all be figured out. I just have an assignment due monday, so I have to keep working. The makers of construct seem to be pretty cool (from what I can gather from the forums) so I'm not worried.

    I took a screen shot of the thank you for purchase screen and sent it. I hope that will help.

    thanks for your input Joannak.

  • This problem happened to me as well. It turns out that my prepaid credit card does not work for purchases outside of the United States (Scirra is based in the UK). I had to use another credit card to purchase Construct 2.

  • I guess I"ll just wait until tomorrow and see if they get back to me. if not, I guess I can figure something else out. I did try another credit card, but I got the same response. oh well.

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  • Why not buy using PayPal ?

  • sorry, I borrowed a card from a friend and it worked the first time. I have no idea. thanks again for the help and replies.

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