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  • So I notice some users reporting the corporate colour as Blue / turquoise

    and other users referring to it as green.

    On my new home gaming monitor on standard settings and on my surface pro (lauded by artists for its sRGB colour accuracy and supposedly individually calibrated by miscrosoft during manufacture ) and on my work monitor (on sRGB setting)

    the construct corporate colour /website theme appears very much a strong minty green.

    But on my rather old and well used work laptop and my very old fading samsung lcd tv

    the colour appears a more attractive cyan blue

    Tom ive never realised that colours could be so different across devices, actually a good lesson to learn when game making. So it seems that this color is paritcularly tricky to render consistently.

    just wondering what the indended colour is supposed to be ?

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  • Right so further investigation puts the Construct ident colour at 40, 230, 210 rgb

    firmly in the lovely turquise / blue range.

    a cool website that will tell you complimentary contrast ect.

    i think the construct / forum website would look really good with this colour against a black/dark background and using the other "square" colours where needed why heck am I seeing it as green on newer supposedly calibrated monitors??????

    this is rather worrying.


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