Arcade export broken (r141 solved it)

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  • Just like that.

    My game works perfectly fine in preview, and in browser export, but with the arcade exporter it just doesn't do anything. it's stuck, nothing triggers and several images are missing.

    I tried exporting it a couple more times with the same results...

    is this a known problem, did i do something wrong?

    Browser Exporter

    Browser export link

  • The JS console does not report an error, and your link to dropbox doesn't work, so no way to compare with the "working" version.

    It's likely you did something wrong (make sure your object names don't contain strange latin characters which linux servers won't likely be able to handle, or stuff like that).

    Fix the link to dropbox so we can check out.

  • thanks fot the answer ^^

    I edited the first post, i think the link will work now.

    (I made sure and had some people use the link and it worked for them)

    Do you need the CAPX as well?

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  • Possibly it could help.

    JS console still doesn't display any error, and the "normal functioning" of your game seems to break after I've pressed the "B" keyboard key to build a "Builder".

    Maybe look around that event to see what might cause an error (are you like, trying to get some data through ajax, or something of the like ?)


    well, here's the CAPX... i can't imagine what could be wrong =/ everything works as it should on the systems I've tested the browser export.

    I dont have any event that use ajax. i'm not using plugins or external behavior or anything. everything is "vanilla" consturct2

    Maybe my event logic is too redundant or something xD i'm an amateur at this, at best =(

    (...btw, i'll just drop this here; i wrote a post about the 1 year gold badge i dint' get after my 1st year, but maybe it wasn't read <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> )

  • Kyatric

    did the link work?

  • The link works, I just did not take the time to download 32 megs of capx.

    I'm busy with my 7DFPS WIP atm, I'll try to have a look at it as soon as possible, but for now, I'm crunching on this project, sorry.

  • Hi Sargas, I took the time to download the capx and to try the game link on dropbox and on Arcade; I'm experiencing the same kind of issues, as I posted in my own thread yesterday evening; sorry I didn't read your one before, I could have just replied to it instead! :)

    I was kinda sure my problem had something to do with touch events but from your capx I see you use none.

    As you did, I used vanilla C2, no third party plugins.

    Which version of C2 are you using? I'm using the r140 beta.

    This is the link to my post if you wanna read a better description of my issues and compare them with yours:

    I hope someone will answer to us and helps us fix this problem. By the way there are other issues too in Arcade/Forums (badges, game previews not updating, descriptions not updating everywhere, maybe there is a connection).

    Have a nice day,


  • rublev1360

    all i can say is: =(

  • Yes indeed. When yesterday I uploaded the game to the Arcade I was shocked because of all the issues, especially because I spent so much time testing it in every browser I have on desktop and mobile (Android e WP).

    It would be great if we could get some feedback about this.

  • Hi Sargas, I just downloaded the beta r141 and compiled again my game and uploaded it to Arcade.. you know, just in case ;) and guess what, it works! At least here ahah.

    Link: Constructris

    Is it working fine for you too? Maybe you can do what I did and see if it fixes your game on Arcade!


  • rublev1360

    Yup, works fine for me too... i wonder what could have been wrong before.

    Good thing too =)

  • Sargas: do you mean you compiled with r141 and uploaded again? Just to know :)

  • rublev1360

    Sorry for not being clear before. I mean exactly that :D

    however I can't seem to be able to update my game's name nor my signature in the forums xD

  • I have the problem with 145

    except I see nothing but black!!! <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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