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  • I'm a working on a game with C2 and i'm really frustrated about some plugins limit in games on scirra arcade ...

    For me a arcade is a place where you can share your games ... and also scores and achievements link to games.

    So my question is simple ... as unofficial plugins ("Playtomic" for example) seems not allowed in "arcade" games for leaderboard management ... could we hope have another way to do something like that in arcade games in near future ?

    Sorry if this is a common question, i'm new here ;-p

  • Well, with webstorage, you can create a leaderboard:

  • , WebStorage is local only, so you will not be able to see anyone else's scores other than those from playing on your same computer.

    We are aware this is frustrating for developers, and we have it on our todo list to improve the arcade. However being a small two-man company we have a lot of other projects we're working on, but hopefully we will get to it soon!

  • Oh, Ashley, I think that I was thinking of a personal leaderboard, as you were thinking of a universal leaderboard.

  • I come again with a important question about "external" and scirra arcade.

    If i put a part of my game on dropbox with external plugins ... and find a way to call it from my main game in scirra arcade (open url in a new page and give it some parameters such as player score) ...

    1?/ Does is work ? (have someone try to do that and how ?)

    2?/ What is scirra opinion (@Ashley) about that ?

    As you see i try to stay clean with your scirra arcade process but i'm sure not to be alone to find these limits more and more difficult to accept ... arcade could become a desert land if no answer is found so seems to be a quite important question for us and for scirra.

    Sorry for my bad english again, hope you have understand that i wanted to say !

  • (add) I think you have understand the goal is to go from a C2 creation to another C2 creation ... the game IS and STAY in scirra arcade .. the external part is only for external leaderboard plugin access after playing. So i think this access quite acceptable if, as some sound limit in several browsers, this access is provide using a user trigger object such as "button".

    I'm sure it's possible to alert scirra arcade user that a new page will open with a external link and let him free to choose want he want do to ?

  • naelian: Actualy the browser action "go to url" is disabled in the scirra arcade. So I don't think this process should work anyway.

    Tom is working on a way to allow plugins in the arcade, but it's a huge part of the site to write and he's already been working on this for quite some time. Keep bearing with him for now ^^

  • I'm sure that something will be done with time Kyatric ... just find this time long. A 2 guys society can't do the work of 10 ... so i think that sometimes some quick answers must be found to problems without remake the world.

  • Or just be patient. It's coming.

    It's not like scirra's arcade is the only place to upload games to anyway.

  • Kyatric, so you think like me ! ... and it's because scirra arcade is not the only way to publish a game that it's important to improve it to avoid a "desert land" effect. Find great games/demos using last features in scirra arcade is the better way to make scirra advertisement !

    PS : Good news for all, seems many games/update waiting to be accepted in scirra arcade are now "up" !

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  • I wana make a game for arcade section

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