Anybody else hate the search function?

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  • I am getting so frustrated with the search function on this forum. I have an issue, so I do a search for it, and it comes up with dozens of pages. Great! But When I click on the first 10, on the first page, I find out that they are all related to Construct Classic, when what I want is Construct 2 information.

    So I use the advanced search function, click on the "Construct 2 General" label so that I can search everything C2... but hold on, it isn't clicking...

    I have to then search the how to's and the generals separately. Why? What if I want to do a global search? What if I want to see at the same time if someone else has made a game like mine? I have to then search the Creations sections separately as well!?

    Sorry, rant over. I just wish CC had its own forum. It's already been thrown down to the bottom of the forum list. It just keeps popping up in my searches. I don't want to have to use advanced search almost every time. <img src="smileys/smiley18.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • +1 agree there should be a way to remove construct classic results

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