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  • I tried to upload my great game from the latest competition but got a message I'm using unsupported plug-ins.

    Since I have no clue which plug-ins are approved and which are 3rd party ones it will be great to see on the upload page a list of allowed/approved plug-ins.

  • Extract from the uploading to the scirra arcade tutorial:


    Currently the Arcade only supports the built-in plugins and behaviors, <font color="red">except for WebStorage, AJAX, Browser and Facebook</font>. These plugins are not currently allowed on the Arcade, nor currently are any third-party plugins or behaviors.

    Custom plugins/behaviors are any plugin/behavior that can be downloaded in the Plugins for C2 forum.

  • Thanks Kyatric but this is what I wanted to avoid.

    I think that on the "upload game" page there should be a link or even the list itself with the supported plugins.

    Currently the list = Built-in plugins and behaviors - (webStorage + Ajax + Browser + Facebook)

    What I tried to say is that I don't have a clue what are the built-in plugins and behaviors. To check this I would need to check the ones I used and for each one to go over the 3rd party list.

    If we had a link over there (or the list itself) of supported plugins/behaviors the task would have been simplified for users who wish to upload their game/s.

    As time passes I'm sure the arcade will support additional 3rd party plugins/behavior. In the current status the formula will be even more complex = built-in - X - Y (beside Z, F and G)

    Hope this makes sense.

  • The built in plugins/behaviors are those that comes with C2. (The mouse, sprite, text, textbox objects, etc...)

    If you haven't downloaded any third-party plugin from the plugins forum, then all your objects are allowed except the four we already mentionned.

    You can find the full list of built-in plugins in the manual's plugin reference part. Any other plugin is a custom/third-party plugin.

    I'm not saying such a list wouldn't be implemented. I'm just pointing out how to workaround in the meantime, until this feature gets added, if judged adequate by Tom when he'll have the time to implement it.

    Tom's todo-list is as long as Ashley's.

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  • Ok. Thanks!

  • We're looking to definitely support more plugins but the plugin exchange needs to be completed first (next on my list!)

  • I went over my plugins/behaviors and I think the only thing which is not supported is AJAX. Since the whole PHP High score mechanism I made is using AJAX I'll wait for this to be supported and than upload my game to the arcade.

    I think it would be a good idea to add a small dot/sign to the ICO files of the built-in plugins/behaviors. This can be done easily and will help users know which one is a built-in one and which one is a 3rd party addition.

  • Doesn't this restriction make the arcade less-than-useful for all but the simplest of games (since not even storage is supported)?

  • My recommendation for a temporary workaround is... well using a password system n_n

    Ahhh doesn't that feel like old times already? :)

  • We're aware that it does make it restrictive, but this is fairly new territory (hosting 3rd party JS) so we want to make sure that all the games are as safe as possible.

    I'll be adding a list of supported behaviours plugins on the next upload.

  • Tom, I assume that people who purchased a license, created a game and uploaded it to the arcade belong to the "good" people. The percentage of evil dowers among them would be very low (if not zero).

    If you're afraid of malicious AJAX code than the best way to go is create a separate DB for the arcade or even put it on a different IP/Server/Domain.

    This way if the evil dower succeeds in doing something only the arcade part will "suffer". This will be fixed easily by simply restoring a backup.

    I really think the AJAX is an important part of web oriented games.

  • Arcade games already run on a different domain. We're looking in to adding additional plugins soon after a full code review - we just wanted to be absolutely sure nothing could go wrong with the initial release of the arcade.

  • I tried to upload but I get an error about "file extensions not on the whitelist", is this the same as the plugins error or a different issue all together? I removed the unallowed plugins and double checked if the game I uploaded twice. Yes, and fullscreen was off, too.

  • gmx0: File extensions. This may have to do with the archive you're trying to upload. Is it well a .zip file, exported from C2 with the "Scirra arcade" option ?

    Be sure to check the steps in this tutorial.

    Sorry if you did everything as intended, I haven't tried yet to upload files to the arcade so that's the only support I can propose for now.

    Tom will surely soon get in touch with you otherwise.

  • gmx0 can you send me the zip file to my username scirra dot com and I'll take a look for you if you would like.

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