Alerts not working, Search bar bug, Access Denied

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  • 1.)A Previous alert for example:


    1 new comment referencing you"

    If I click the link it brings me to the homepage. The post does exist, because I found it manually.

    2.) If I click the "Search forums..." search box it brings down the alerts, and I cannot actually click on the box. I can click on the "Advanced search" link though.

    3.)I get a message everytime I try to post that says


    Only members with sufficient permission can access this page.

    A security error has occurred with authentication.

    Please ensure that all cookies are enabled on your web browser, you are not using a saved or cached copy of the page, and your Firewall/Proxy settings are not hiding or masking your IP address."

    I just press back and press submit again and it goes through.

    I use Google Chrome Version 27.0.1453.116

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  • For bug #2:

    Okay so the source code that is in the way of the "Search Forums..." box is this image

    <img src="/images/fresh/user-dropdown-arrow-01.png" width="8" height="8">

    Hmm it seems that little arrow is in the way for clicking the search box, I deleted the PNG file of the arrow for me locally and it seemed to work much better.

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