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  • If you're like me, and found the FAQ on 'how to post a new topic' the stupidest, most asinine FAQ entry in the history of all FAQs entries that have ever been, I will save you a LOT of time bouncing around. That FAQ entry tells you to "click the relevant button on either the forum or topic screens". WHAT RELEVANT BUTTON?!! How about simply telling us WHERE it is, since it appears nowhere that's easily visible on almost any forum page!

    Okay, okay, enough venting . . .

    ANSWER: From any Forum page (Except Forum Home, figures) scroll to the bottom, and look for the "Jump To:" drop-down menu. Scroll down and choose any of the "General" choices (I recommend General>Open Topic), then click the "Go" button to the right. Now you'll see a "Post New Topic" button at the top of whichever page it opens.

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  • (Except Forum Home, figures)

    Yes because topics are supposed to be relevant/posted INSIDE a forum category.

    So from the index of the forums, you can click directly on "Open topic" (for example) to access the "Open topic" forum. (that will prevent you all the trouble from sliding down and "jumping" to another part of a forum)

    Also once from inside a forum or even a topic, you can click on the navigation on top of the screen ("Board index < General < Open Topic").

    Each name is clickable, will take you to said part of the forum and prevent you from having to slide down to the bottom of the screen.

    That's pretty much how forums software work in general.

    Also I wouldn't advise making too much posts/topics in the "Open topic", but rather try to post where it is relevant. "Website issue" when it is an issue with the website/forums of, "How do I" when you have an issue/question about Construct2, etc...

    The organisation is about to change anyway and forum names/organisation should make more sense to newcomers.

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