Zombie 15 "Politician" (Graphics)

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    <p>Animating zombies is hard, that's why I did it for you! This zombie comes with 12 animations.</p>

    • Dead Leg Walk (Frames 1-15 at 12Frames Per Second)
    • Normal Walk (Frames 16-35 at 12Frames Per Second)
    • Run (Frames 36-47 at 12Frames Per Second)
    • Idle (Frames 48-54 at 6Frames Per Second)
    • Scratch (Frames 55-62 at 12Frames Per Second)
    • Hit 01 (Frames 63-67 at 12Frames Per Second)
    • Hit 02 (Frames 68-73 at 12Frames Per Second)
    • Head Shot (Frames 74-80 at 12Frames Per Second)
    • Fall Forward (Frames 81-100 at 12Frames Per Second)
    • Fall Backward (Frames 101-113 at 12Frames Per Second)
    • Bite (Frames 1-15 at 12Frames Per Second PingPong Animation)
    • Kneel Bite (Frames 118-125 at 12Frames Per Second)
    • Dead Frame (Frames 126 at 12Frames Per Second)

    <p>I've included 2 separate color schemes. The first one is specific to that zombie. The second one is a color scheme identical to the second scheme of all other zombies I've created. This should make it easy for you to set up palette swaps that randomize and use it across all zombies that you purchase. I even included a color chart to help determine which colors to change.</p><p>I've also included 3 sprite sheets for both color schemes (total of 6 sprite sheets). Hopefully one of the included resolutions will fit your needs. And if it doesn't? Well, I've included all of the original images for you to resize in your favorite sprite sheet or image editing software. You'll see versions for both color schemes with and without line work. This is because I noticed that you can shrink your art to a point that its better to just work with the light and shadow and not the lines. Word of advice: If you are resizing the original art on your own, use "Nearest Neighbor" as your compression so as to avoid the colors blending together. That makes palette swaps easier. If you don't plan on using a palette swap in your project, than resize however you like.</p>

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