Werewolf Terror (Sprites)

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    <p>Werewolf terror game sprites for your horror & halloween game projects. With the werewolf as main character, hunting down the innocent girls. Beware for the police, they'll shoot any werewolf in their sight.</p><p>The sprite package suitable for 2D side scrolling game especially for these genres: action, adventure, platformer, horror, and halloween.</p><p>Features:</p>

    • Werewolf with 10 animation states
    • 6 cute girls each with 8 animation states
    • Police with 9 animation states
    • Scenery with separated images to create background with parallax effect
    • Animation created with Brashmonkey Spriter. Spriter Project .SCML file included, along with the body parts images in .PNG format. The image is in pretty high resolutions.
    • PNG sequence included for quick integration within your game projects
    • The body parts made with CorelDraw. Adobe Illustrator .AI and .EPS files also included.

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