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Gameplay inspired audio assets that are spot on for creating engaging environments for games or motion productions.
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    <p>Introducing an outstanding collection of gameplay inspired audio assets that are spot on for creating ultra engaging environments for games or motion graphic productions. Vibrant Game is a sound FX library perfect for: 2D, 3D, mobile app, puzzle, cartoon and animated games, trivia, party or logic games, multiplayer board games, card games, arcade and scroller style games. Speed-up your workflow by an x-factor when you use these RTU-OTB (ready to use out of the box) sounds, effects and loops. The Vibrant Game SFX collection includes all sound files in high fidelity 96k 24bit resolution files.</p><p>Sounds are inspired by hit app games like Bejeweled and Color Switch. From colorful comedic sounds, musical cues and hits, item pick-ups to high energy alerts and notifications, awards, level-ups and treasure unlocks. Get Vibrant Game today, and land your project in the happy zone of sound effects and audio experiences.</p><p>503 files in 96k 24bit resolution</p><p>Game award items, collects</p><p>Alerts and notifications</p><p>Background and lobby loops</p><p>Musical cues, musical hits</p><p>Cartoon movements</p><p>Clicks and button sounds</p><p>Taps, tabs, and slides</p><p>Funny chirps, dings and doinks</p><p>Object hits and bumps</p><p>Opens and treasure unlocks</p><p>Positive pick-ups, wrong moves</p><p>Specials and power-ups</p>

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