64 X 64 URBAN FIGHT GAMEKIT (Graphics)

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    <p>if you intend to make an arcade/action typed game, this gamepack of a fine looking brawl character, a rich urban tileset and other in game assets will help you much, a 64x64 spritesheet with 5 actions that are: walking - standing - slashing - shooting - fainting, All packed in a single psd/png file that contains 24 frames, a big 72 parts urban tileset , a 3 foes spritesheet with one standard animation each and multiples fx layers to help you get the same feel/look as seen in the preview image that is above</p><p>Hope you will get to love this gamepack</p>

    • Psd/Png:
    • 64x64 hero Spritesheet featuring:

    <p>walking - standing - slashing - shooting - fainting</p>

    • 64x64 urban tileset with 72 parts
    • a spritesheet with 3 foes one standard animation each (walking)
    • fx layers to help you get the same look as seen above

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