Terrabot Game Player (Spriter Animations)

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    <h3>Terrabot Game Player (Spriter Pack Version)</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>Animated character mech for creating 2D platformer Adventure Shot Em Up game, a sidescroller platform game with complete movements.</p><p>Features:</p>

    • Spriter project with 557 Total animated movements in 5 Entity: Arm Cannon, Sword, Handgun, Rifle, and Laser beam (filetype .scml)
    • Include vector body parts/assemblies for your customize in skeletal animation software. (filetype .svg, .eps, .ai)
    • Movements list included
    • Already included Additional game object and effects: muzzle Shots, projectiles, impacts. (filetype .scml)
    • Already included vector Terrabot Mascot that you can use for game opening or other purposes (filetype .png .svg, .eps, .ai)


    • SVG files you can open with Inkscape (Free Open Source Software) or proprietary software you have, and export in any image size.
    • SVG files can open perfectly in inkscape and other graphic programs.
    • The .scml files you can open and customize the movements according your needs with Spriter Free Edition, download at

      brashmonkey.com/download_spriter.htm[/li][/ul]%3Cp%3EFor more details please see screenshoots, sprite sheet is not include but you can see the export result (sample) of the character in my screenshot, Thank you ^_^.</p>

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  • good animation, do u take animation requests? Im working on a game but i cant seem to get good animations. Could you help me out

  • Sorry for late respon , What movement/animation you want?

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  • was thiniking of simple running of my sprite forward and back

    If I show you the game I working on im sure u can tell what types i would need. Its Called Avalar Empires and u can find it on scirra arcade, id post the link but i dont think it will let me post links on forums yet

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