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    <p>Swipe level selector is a great way to kick start a game that will have multiple levels. It implements an unlock-level-system, using the new official localStorage plugin. The swipe system let's the user swipe left and right to browse between all levels, with a great iOS native feel to it. </p><p>If you want you can easily customize the look and feel by simply replacing images. The event sheets come fully commented, so that it is as easy as possible to understand the code.</p>

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  • Hi, did you include a guide to unlocking the other levels?

    Can't seem to find it.

  • Hi redbunny64

    In the event sheet called Common there is a function called, UnlockLevel. To unlock a level you will have to call this function and pass in the level you want to unlock. UnlockLevel("1") will unlock level 1.

    If you look in the Levels layout you can see that each LevelSelector-object has an instance variable called level. This value has to match the name of an actual Layout, and it is also this value that should be used when unlocking levels.

    In the template I have called the levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ... 48 and I unlock them with UnlockLevel("1") and in the project I have Layouts that match these names, as seen in the World1, World2... directories.

    Good luck with Swipe level selector and please ask again if I'm unclear

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  • Hi I got this template,

    and I can't get it to go to a layout i want it to go to its unlocked but can't get to to go to a level how do you change this what and where what are the steps I can't find any documentation on this?

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