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    Hey guys was not around for a while now so , i want to go back on track and develop more game templates for peoples that support me, and likes my works. I know they are not a perfect shape but its the best i can do at the moment.So here it is the new Game Template i had it schedule for sale but dident had time to upload it, and polish it.Swipe Money Game Template or Make it Rain Clone Template, is based on the logic and gameplay of the original game , released not so long time ago on app stores, in this pack you will get the menu functions, 1 item in it is functional, and increases the swipe gain power, there are minor bugs, but if you know how to use Construct 2 then there is no need for further explanation.This template is a finish product state, even though has a minor polishing details, that can be easy fixed, by anyone that has small amounts of Construct 2 knowledge . The groups and events inside the project.capx is fully explained.I wont give further support for this template.

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    Important Notice

    Right now the assets may look doll or raw, but soon all uploads will come in shape, as I'm going to polish them and change all the missing pieces, so they look more shinny <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz"> and give a better idea of what the templates can be turned into.

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