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    <p>Alert box, OK/Cancel, Options, Text entry pop up, they are all here and they works across all platforms. A bridge to the sweet alert project from github.</p>

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  • Hi, does this plugin works on mobile?


  • Yes. I have tested it in iOS.

  • Hi, I just bought this plugin and it's great! But I have one problem: I have sprite buttons under the prompt and when I click on the prompt it "clicks-through" and registers on the sprite button also.

    I could fix this if I had a condition of "prompt is visible" or something similar so I can disable my buttons while the prompt exists.

    Can you fix this?

    Edit: Another fix would be "On cancel clicked"

  • I will work on this and see how this can be fixed easily for your.

    For now, please use this workaround. Whenever you are creating an alert, first create a full screen sprite with no functions and when alert is clicked, remove that also.

    Such a background object is built-in in the alert. Let me see why is this not working. Can you please give me more info like are you facing this in both browsers as well as devices? A sample capx will help too!

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  • hi there, bought this, works a treat, just wondering how I'd be able to query input?

    I'm using PKP_SweetAlert: Input Data

    player enter something there, where does it go, I can't see anything obvious in the debugger.

    Thanks in advance. (not sure you'll get a notification so I'll send you a quick email)

  • Have you tried the expression 'Input from Prompt'? It should have the input field value saved. You can check for it in 'prompt input data read' condition. Kindly do and let me know if that works for you. I am on my mac and will need a couple of days to swing back to this. If you have any issues, I will get that done by the end of this week.

  • Hey Praharsh thanks for the swift reply, that works, but it wasn't immediately obvious sadly.

    Two other related questions, which I'm also struggling with.

    1. If there were two different SweetAlert:Input Data prompts.

    How do you differentiate their input data

    PKP_SweetAlert.inPutFromPrompt in the field will always return the last input.

    I tried PKP_SweetAlert(0).inPutFromPrompt

    but that made no difference.

    any ideas or is this not possible.

    2. is there a way of knowing the data has been input, some sort of callback when the user submits data, so I don't constantly have to be monitoring it?



  • Hi Shay,

    Glad that it worked for you! And thanks much for the feedback, I have added a FAQ with your first question.

    From your latest question,

    1) Sweet Alert's Prompt is designed with a serial input mode, one data at a time. Having multiple input field will get very confusing as the requirement will vary from user to user. If you want to differentiate between the prompts themselves, you can associate a 'Tag' with them and then check for the tag in your trigger.

    2) You do not need to monitor the field value at all. Once the user hit's the confirm button, the 'input read' condition will trigger. This is designed to happen once the user is done with entering the data.

    Kindly let me know if you have any further questions.

  • Hi there, would you be able to provide a tutorial on how to use this?

  • Update the plugin yet?

    Need add new events: If button clicked by tag For example [Click1] then ... Open Message, Open Alert...

  • Hi Milkonop,

    Can you please explain what you are trying to do? As I understand it, it 's easy to achieve it using simple events. Trying to see if there is a use case that many users can use, in your requirement. Would appreciate your update.



  • Hi. When using the event "prompt read" I cannot get the Cancel button to trigger? Is there any way to have it trigger?

    I'm trying the event "Alert - prompt read", "do some action when OK is is pressed", otherwise "do another action when Cancel is pressed".

  • can you make something like that?

  • Hi!

    I just switched to Construct 3 and this plugin is the last one i need updated.

    Are you able to update it for Construct 3?

    I really love this plugin. It's simple but so useful.


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