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  • Hey,

    i am planning on a space sim so i would like to see some space stations!

    so far i can find plenty of spaceships, planets, nebular, backgrounds and so on, but a varity of space stations is really hard to find. i dont even know if there is something out like this.

    so here is what i would really like to see:


    some examples:

    • Shipyards
    • (otional) Equipmentdocs
    • Tradingstations
    • small lasertower for defense
    • Weaponplattform for defense
    • Mines (atachable to astroids) for example ore, silicon, ...
    • Shipyards
    • 2 Level Foodproduction (raw and processed)
    • Weapon production facility
    • Shield production facility
    • rocket production facility
    • special equipment production facility
    • some custom headquarters
    • jumpgates
    • ...

    what would be cool is some kind of "station construction kit" so that one can build new stations frome some parts in photoshop, without having to make everything...

    some animations would been nice maybe, like flashing lights or something, but i am really not an artist and cant say so much about what is possible. maybe some kind of "docking" port would be nice for the bigger factorys.



  • You want them in 3D pre rendered sprites or 2D?

    I created a spacestation in 3D long time back, but the files were lost in a hard disk crash.

    I can create something like this, maybe as a Builders pack.

  • j0schi

    Would something like this help you out?

    Sorry if not, but your example doesn´t work for me. Is it a RTS-Sim Game?

  • Beaverlicious Thank you, but no, that isnt what i meant. take a look at the example i posted

    famekrafts i think 2D would rly do the job maybe i should post some more examples...

    Do you have an idea what such a pack would cost in the asset store?



  • So basically you need Top down view right?

    The price will depend on the total number of buildings and the complete map bundle:

    So 15-20 buildings( with color variations) with extra parts to create your own buildings for the space station. Let me see how much time it takes to create, price will directly depend on that.

    More examples will help.

  • famekrafts

    Exactly, top down is what i am looking for. would be nicve if this would be dilvered as a psd / ai so one can change the collors afterwards. what also would makes sence eventually are some icons (for each station one) for some kind of radar. but thats just another thought.

    some very good axamples would be those from SPAZ: ... =0&ndsp=35 ... =0&ndsp=35 ... 35&ndsp=45

    i like the art style even if i think its a little overkill... some less details would be nice... also considder to make it in modules so for example some "mountpoints for turrets which not look to much like mount points so they are optional <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">



  • You need to use these all over a space background or even an alien land will do?

    I am building in 3D and then 2D color in Photoshop, so you can make changes later.

  • for my game the setting will be space with the orion nebular as the background (which can change from location to location)

    so you are actually building these? are you planning to realease them in the scirra store? also please keep in mind that ir really depends on the price if i can buy them

    I have some further questions:

    1) would it be okey to order a single station from you afterwards (a new one not included yet)

    2) would you considder to designing some space ships which are suitable?

    3) can you send me some concept art so that i can see if this is what i had in mind?

    4) can you include some different looking turrets for the weaponplatform?

    as i found nothing so far i designed some conzept art my self, but my skills are very limeted, but if you are interested i could send them to you

    sorry for overtaking the thread, i hope thats okey



  • j0schi

    Yes I am building for scirra store.

    What I will do is create and upload each station separately. The price range will be anywhere between 5-10 pounds, depending on color variations and animations. I will use spriter for the animation, but also provide them as separate parts if you wish to animate yourself. They will be all HD size so you can scale them down to any size you require.

    You can see the progress on my behance portfolio, will upload there soon as I complete coloring.

    You can contact me from behance as well, and show me some concepts you have created. I was actually planning to add different kinds of turrets, ships and ufos as well as alien planet maps(top view), so these can be used for both space as well as land games background.

    Once all are done, I will combine them into one big bundle providing huge discounts, so you will get them for much less, like my current bundles

    3D backgrounds Bundle 35% Off ... s-bundle-9

    Game Maps Bundle 25% Off ... -bundle-10

    Splash Screens Bundle 30% off ... undle-1-11

    Famekrafts Complete Pack Bundle 1 40% off ... undle-1-24

    Halloween Pack (50 % off for all our creatures pack and new Assets. Creatures Pack will soon have animation added with spriter templates). ... bundle-104

    Famekrafts Complete Pack Bundle 2 (50 % off ). Creatures Pack will soon have animation added with spriter templates). ... ndle-2-105

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  • famekrafts how far is the progress, can you send me some screenshots of concepts?

  • Send me your email or contact me through behance, so I can show you. I cannot obviously show everyone unless the pack is ready.

  • I would like to see a coding template that would take words from a text file and place it in a word cloud in a Construct 2 layout. Not the same word cloud every single time, but something with randomness.


  • here are a few space ship parts, that you can put to gather and make more that one ship out of the same parts.

    Not very good but show you what can be done.

  • So people like ships... can I get some examples from those who are interested in ships and stuff to see what kind of stuff you're looking for? I was thinking of building parts to make your own ships. I was planning on doing a flat design.

    Here is a mockup I designed once what do you guys think of this style? Although I would probably do it different this time.


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