Where is my Store Purchase?

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  • I made my first game asset purchase on the scirra store yesterday (more than 24 hours ago) and i still haven't received an email or figured out any way to access the content. Is it normal for it to take this long? I figured it would be pretty instant... it was the Epic Platformer by Soluna Software if that matters


  • Did you look in your account downloads?


  • no i had not. I clicked on that link though and there is nothing under my downloads. (how do you get to that area?) i cant figure it out without that link.

    i used paypal to make the purchase and the transaction is still pending i dont know if that matters..this is all just sad. i live in the US does that have anything to do with how long its taking?

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  • Your best course of action is to contact Scirra directly when it involves any transactions.


    But, I'm guessing it has something to do with that little message in your screenshot.

  • Indeed, such request should be taken directly to the support.

    As indicated in your screenshot, you made a payment as an eCheck, and it takes a few more days for the payment to complete. Then, you should receive your item.

    At the moment, for our system, your purchase is not completed yet.

    You should automatically receive an email with your redeem code when the transaction is completed.

    If not, do send a message to the support with your transaction ID number.

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