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  • Hi,

    Version 1.3.0 is available:

    • Add OSX (32/64b) support
    • Fix typos for Steam Stats features
    • Code Optimization


  • I have tried to make the osx version work but it shuts down instantly. Im using Nw.js 14. Do I need to import some files from the sdk?

    Edit: Added the libsteam_api.dylib file to my project and now it works! thanks

  • Yes you need to add the file libsteam_api.dylib from osx32 folder (for 32 and 64b)

  • great plugin.

    but i'm having an issue.

    my game runs full screen with 2 black letterboxes (letterbox scale).

    the thing is, steam overlay won't show on top of the black bars.


  • fremachuca ,

    Do you mean the Steam overlay (shift + tab) or overlay notifications (achievemnts/messages popup)?

    (If you want you can send me a screenshot via PM)

  • both steam overlay and the notifications are "underneath" the black bars.

    and, just tried running the OSX version on steam and the overlay doesn't appear at all.

    C2 233

    NWJS v0.17.0


  • Which OSX version? 10.11?

  • windows 7 and osx 10.9.5

  • fremachuca , I send you a PM for more infos


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  • Workshop support? Please?

    Also leaderboards aren't working for me

  • Workshop could be added in futur.

    Take care about your leaderboard name (case sensitive) and Write/Read options in your steamworks page (if set to trusted, the client can't read or write leaderbaord)

  • It works with nw.js v0.17.0 and steamworks SDK: 1.38? I only need to add achievements

  • nw.js 0.17.1 (or older version) and steamworks sdk 1.34, steamworks sdk 1.38A is coming in next update.

    See for basics features

    and for general info

  • MadSpy could you post an example of using the leaderboards functions to load the top10/top3 from a specific leaderboard and having the data (rank, user name, score value) be used in 3 separate text objects inside construct?

    Cause I am a bit lost on how to do that using the available expressions/actions.

  • fremachuca I will include an example in next release (with new leaderboard request) tomorrow (I hope)

    Quick example with a loop (named "i") in one single text object:

    for i= 0 to Steam4C2.getLDBdlentrycount-1
    "Rank #"&tokenat(Steam4C2.getLDBdlEntryStr,(loopindex("i")*3+1),",")&" - "&tokenat(Steam4C2.getLDBdlEntryStr,(loopindex("i")*3+2),",")&" - Score : "&tokenat(Steam4C2.getLDBdlEntryStr,(loopindex("i")*3+3),",")&newline
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