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Gravity Square is a game where I aim to reach the square at the polka dot door :)
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    <p>PROJECT FEATURES:</p><p>endless jumping</p><p>random position and space between platforms</p><p>increasing speed</p><p>changing day/night cycle</p><p>matching color of landing platform</p><p>keybord/touch control</p><p>prepared for highscores and achievements</p><p>Welcome to Square Jump City, the endless run and jump arcade game. Tap on color buttons to change color of the Square shape hero that matches landing platform color. You can double jump from platform or even jump in the air when falling. It is also possible to change the color while jumping if you change your mind, but you can not jump more than twice until you land on any platform. Just remember that you need to land with appropriate color.</p><p>You collect stars on colored platforms that increase your score and speed up the game a little when every 10th star is collected.</p><p>If you land on a platform with different color (grey is neutral) you lose one life and slow down the game.</p><p>On some long platforms you can collect bonus lives. Make a strategy to stay alive as long as you can.</p><p>HTML5, READY FOR BROWSERS, ANDROID AND OTHER PLATFORMS!</p><p>If you need any help, contact me! I can make changes or send you more resources. Fast support. :-)</p>

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