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    <h3>Great quality spritefont in 3 flavors</h3><div class="deshr"></div>

    • blue metal
    • gold
    • purple

    <p>Included in this pack:</p>

    • preset capx (stable 190)
    • settingfile
    • stylepreviews for reference
    • 3 spritefontsheets (optimized and normal)

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  • Hi, I just bought this font.

    I am not a Construct 2 user.

    I kind of expected a .ttf file that I could use directly in my game.

    Any tips how to turn those .png into a .ttf please?

    You enclosed a file talking about your "the json method", with some indications about "adjustements", but I don't see what software or tool you are using.

    Thanks in advance for your help. I'd very much like to be able to use the font ^^.

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  • Im looking into it ...

    but basicly the spritesheet & spritefont setting are generated for construct2 spritefont plugins

    the json method is also for construct2, where all character settings are set in one action

  • In the font license readme (under info & settings) there is a link to the font where you can download the .ttf

    but thats just the basic font,

    the time consuming part is the texteffect and testing and settings of the font in the engine itself

  • wister

    so basicly,

    the settings are for construct2 spritefont & spritefont+ plugin

    the .ttf can be optained with the link

    the fontsheet png with the effect applied could potentially be used in other engines,

    but this depends on how these handle the fontsheet and settings

    does this answer your question?

  • Thanks for your answer.

    Yes that's clear.

    Obviously I want to use the font with the effects applied, for that's where most of its value comes from.

    I'm not using the Construct 2 engine, so I'll just look up for another way to create a .ttf base on this spritesheet.

    Thanks anyway.

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