Sprite Pack: Suns (Graphics)

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  • Are these animated?

  • Are these animated?

    No they are not. Would you like me to look into an animated version?

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  • Just curious.

    I'm an artist, so not a potential customer, but I would suggest you animate them for others.

    Planets work well without being animated, but stars are big burning balls of gas, so probably resolve better with some animation. Having those currents rolling around on the surface a bit, and little flares bubbling off the sides.

    Realistically, of course these changes are slow since stars are so big, but for effect, sometimes what looks right is better than what is.

  • I looked at this post as a potential customer and I was disappointed. I saw one star that just had different hues. I could get one and play with the colour settings a little and get most of these. Stars are a tough sell as you can get some great images by scaling down real ones from NASA or ESA. I think an animated one would have been more interesting, and then something for different types of stars. Your planet pack is much more impressive.

    PS: your website home doesn't work for me.. but your demos do.


  • As to the same texture for all stars you are correct that was an oversight on my part when I was rendering. these are all original and all layers including multiple turbulence in cloud lyrics are available in the Photoshop version. when I PreRendered these sprites I did not randomized the cloud layers, I will rectify that and submit a new version.

    I will look into making a sprite sheet animation for each of these.

    in what way was the website not working, this is the first I've heard of that. can you elaborate more or offer the URL?

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