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    <h3>All the sprite fonts you need!</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>I have created a really big collection of sprite fonts. More than 350 sprite font sheets!</p><p>Use them in your projects to create visually stunning games.</p><p>The font sprite sheets comes with all the information you need to use them it in Construct 2 (Character width, height and set - and a JSON string for character width).</p><p>You can use the fonts with the standard SpriteFont object - or use the better and more advanced SpriteFont+ object.</p><p>Included is also two sample Construct 2 projects to get you started quickly.</p><p>Enjoy!</p><p>Don't forget to check out my 300 Effects!</p>

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  • Please help your product not work with C2 230

    I tried follow step per below.

    • Insert new object
    • Sprite font
    • Load an image from a file
    • open xxxxx_sheet
    • close edit image
    • your font not show

    Please help asap thank you.

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  • Hi zeroflag

    It should work. Perhaps this 'HowTo' will help you:

    Let me know if it still cause you troubles.



  • If i bought your font, can i use it and modify it to use in the title of a game (only one game)? It would be used in the title screen and sold under that title. Thank for your attention.

  • Hi Simoncote

    Yes. Feel free to use the asset in any way you want in all the games you create (you may use the asset in more than one game).

    Good luck and let me know when your game is finish (would love to see how my fonts are used)

    Kind Regards,


  • Yes..Thankyou for providing these assets..They are great..

    I did find some errors though..not all the fonts are presented accurately

    Some fonts character sets and alignments are incorrect....

    even when copy pasting the information directly into C2 it still comes out wrong...

    Often Character sets are misaligned by several Characters.....You may want to review if possible

    Eve though ...a decent effort..Thanks for your work

  • Hi mystazsea

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    Could you please tell exactly which font and letters that are having issues.


  • What are the corresponding TT or OTF fonts, that your bitmap fonts are based on? Do you have included their licenses inside your package? A list of these fonts and which ones are the corresponding bitmap font?

  • Hi Mike

    Sorry no. I do not have these informations.

  • Hi Mikael,

    I buy 350 SpriteFonts pack and have problem with difference between keyboard letters and in-game value. For example on keyboard I put "3" what is correctly visible in Text field in Propertis section, but in game this is "0". For "Q" it's "P", for "T" it's "S" etc...

    What could be a reason?

    UPDATE: when I generate PNG file with SpriteFonts by GiveYourFontsMono all works fine. It looks like some font coding page issue (?). Is there any possibility to modify this in 350 SpriteFonts?

    Thank you for your help!

  • Hi netserwer

    Sorry to hear that your are having some issues.

    I need a bit more info. What font exactly in the 350 Sprite Fonts pack, are causing you trouble?

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