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Simple but fun word game. Restore an original word from shuffled letters.
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    <p>Play and guess word with this core game based on hangman and wheel of fortune.</p><p>This game is based on Hangman and wheel of fortune but have its own rules (that can be changed in any way) </p><p>In this game you need to guess the word. This demo game consists of five rounds, during which you collect points. </p><p>For every spin you get a prize and on further correct guess, you get random multiple bonuses of base price.</p><p>Every time you lose, you come to round 1.</p><p>You can otherwise continue of refresh at any other end of the round.</p><p>Your points create your rating as high score, that can be taken further for leader-boards or else.</p><h3>NEW & INNOVATIVE</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p> Try APK Demo (not with project)</p><p>This apk (or any C2 HTML5 output) is backed with latest Firebase technology.</p>

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    • No cocoon, No cardova, No third-party Plugin, just flat solution.

    <p>Download and install it from here and see all in action. </p><p>http://www.examtimes.org/sanjib/spinAword.zip</p><p>I will be sending messages off and on to show you its functionality.</p>

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