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A collection of soldier characters with futuristic war armor and weaponry. Used for creating a 2D action games
  • Space Soldiers Sprites — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    <p>This is the best soldiers sprite deal on the market.</p><p>****** 9 animations (Land, Idle, Jump, Walk, Run, etc) + 6 color variations + Ready Out of the Box CAPX + Free Tiles Effects and Interactive Buttons.</p><p>*****</p><p>This is a must have to include in your game or teach a course because all the movements come pre programmed.</p><p>We offer you the FULL Commercial License included! Other sellers don't allow you to make money with their sprites unless you pay like 10 times as much as the original price.</p><p>Some of the advantages of this packages over the competition:</p>

    • Made with thick lines so it looks good when resized. (Other sprites are made with thin weak lines and when you look it from far you don't even know what it is anymore. We have you covered!
    • 6 Color Variations so you can't adapt the sprites to different scenarios and plots. Good guys, bad guys, etc.
    • The sprites come with a fully programmed CAPX ready to work out of the box. Other sprites make you waste a lot of time trouble shooting the integration to C2. In our Capx all the color varions, animations, and effects come working out of the box. For your convenience you can copy and paste the charachters to add more of them in different places.
    • Necessary aditional sprites included. Stuff like Gun Blast Animations, Impact light explosions, etc are included at no extra cost.
    • Full Size and Re-Sized for your convenience. Other sellers either give you too small or too big sprites so in the best case you need to waste money resizing, we give you both sizes ready.
    • Full Commercial License, we give you the real deal for a cheap price. Other sellers give you only a light version of their lincense and expect more money if you make money with your project. With us you have the full freedom for free.

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