Space Ship 1 (Graphics)

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    <p> presents</p><p>Space Ship Explorer: Pre rendered Explorer Ship with 3D background.</p><p>Use is for Splash Screens, Backgrounds, Loading screens, In-game assets etc</p><p>Available in 2 color variations with top and side view angles.</p><p>HD resolutions:</p><p>Top View Background: 2038 x 1407 pixels</p><p>Side View Background: 2046 x 1536 pixels</p><p>Black Ship Side View: 1841 x 788 pixels</p><p>Black Ship Top View: 2046 x 1040 pixels</p><p>Blue Ship Side View: 2046 x 927 pixels</p><p>Blue Ship Top View: 904 x 1527 pixels</p><p>High resolution merged and transparent png files provided.</p><p>Step by step WIP is provided with video, so you can understand how the ship was created.</p><p>Free Gift: GIFT for this pack is UFO Alien Paper Craft.</p><p>Print this Alien craft with a digital printer on A4 170 GSM+ sheet to create a paper craft toy to be decorated on your desktop at office, school or home. Can be printed using normal inkjet printer too but we recommend using Color Digital Printer.</p><p>Included in the Free folder with this pack as pdf file.</p><p>Contact us for any problems you face or demand for new asset packs. </p><p>Behance Portfolio:</p>

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