space ship asset pack in development needs feedback

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  • Hey People!

    I'm currently early in developing a HD space ship asset pack and I wanted to get some feedback on it. So I can make them as good as they can be without having to retroactively change alot.

    Here is a first draft of some parts and the way I plan them to be set-up:

    The current plan is

    I want there to be 3 parts to the ship:

    - base/cockpit

    - wings

    - guns

    and additionally some floating adds guns

    each assets will have 3 upgrade variations and you should mix and match the parts freely to allow alot of customization.

    So if you would create a game with these assets, what are some features that would be must haves and nice to haves? I want to know that early on so I can design the assets to be as useful as possible to various usecases.

    Thanks alot for the feedback!

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  • I like the professional looks, but I think there is something to gain when looking at the functionality compared to the visual approach. When looking in a game at a gun such as a gattling gun, you instantly know what it is.

    With these parts of the ship I feel like even with animations added, something would be missing that show you what the use of each part is. Thrusters in a certain shape perhaps, or more visually approaching where a pilot is. Some cover on a gun barrel which accentuates it and makes it look more menacing. Such things.

    Hope I could help and good luck!

  • very good points!

    I'll rework those key elements to make their function more readable.

    Thanks alot for the feedback Icecreamvamp!

  • I spend some time to work in the feedback, I hope it's better now!

    I also started experimenting with upgrade stages and pilot portraits.

  • Nice improvements! Feels more like a ship than a glider right now :)

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