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Over 1700 16x16 pixel art RPG icons for item and skills
  • Space Interface — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    <p>Here comes my little Sci-Fi user interface for you guys. Everything is based on effects and layerstyles, that can easily be copied to any shape you like! Just export whatever you want from the PSDs. Have fun and stay beaverlicious!</p>

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  • THX for two sales already

    Makes me feel really proud and beaverlicious!!! If you want to show where you used it, just feel free to!

  • So, issue,

    The assets in the pack look almost nothing like what is shown in the store.

    The PSDs are also hard to work with for trying to change, is there any chance of pngs of individual elements? Can I get the resources from what is shown in the store instead?

  • Hey there, this looks really strange to me...


    I opened the PSD on different machines and on different systems and it always looks good for me.

    Can I ask you which Photoshop version you use, perhaps there is something wrong with the way the design is handled. The whole design works with layer styles, to make it extremely easy to copy/paste the metal/laser/glass effects to every shape you desire.

    Also please tell me what is hard for you to change in particular, so that I can see where the problem is.

    If you can PM me your adress, I´ll send you a link for .tiff files in the first hand, perhaps that´s already the solution. If not, I´m sure we´ll find one

    Thanks for your patience.

  • I'm using gimp 2.8

  • skelooth

    Thanks for your quick reply <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    Well, I never really thought about Gimp, when I created this interface, but I just gave Google a shot and found this thread. ... le-in-gimp

    It seems like there is no possibility to benefit from smart-objects and layer styles in Gimp, it´s only able to handle normal rasterized layers from PSD files.

    I can definitely send you some .tiff files tomorrow, but I´m pretty sure it would look the same. :-/

    Sooo, the only thing I could really offer you is to rasterize every vector and layerstyle down to a pixel graphic tomorrow, so that you can still rearrange them etc.

    It´s not as customizable as the photoshop version but should be better than exported graphics. How does that sound? <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    Ohh and I want to gift you this graphic if you like ... liquids-96 Just because I didn´t gave Gimp a look and cause of your inconvinience <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> Really need to write that into the description.

    Thanks and good night (1.00 am) Will try my best to help you out tomorrow!


  • Just rastarizing the layers with effects and smart objects would be great! I can tear the rest apart.

    For the longest time Gimp couldn't handle photoshops nested layer folders. Now that gimp 2.8 is out it can't handle smart objects. Can't beat the price though. USUALLY gimp can handle it all though.

    I would totally make use of those chemistry graphics thanks!

  • [Resolved]

    Huge thanks to Beaverlicious for taking the time to rastarize the PSD files for GIMP users! The problem resulted from GIMP not supporting the latest PSD layer effects and smart objects. Even rastarized the PSD looks great, is cleanly organized, named, and very malleable.

    Thanks again!

  • No problem man. Glad you like the graphics and thanks for the positive review.

    Looking forward to see you usage of it

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  • Why sending as tiff files? why not send just png? tiff files take unnecessary size and are only good if you are going for printing.

  • Why sending as tiff files? why not send just png? tiff files take unnecessary size and are only good if you are going for printing.

    Beaverlicious sent as a rastarized set of photoshop layers. I also believe PNG is compressed while TIFF is larger because it contains uncompressed data, making it more ideal for opening in graphics programs.

  • PNG is a lossless compression format

    Not going to make much difference if its high resolution, and takes much less space than tiff, especially while uploading/downloading.

    Rasterized photoshop layers will probably solve the problem.

  • PNG files can only hold compressed image data and an alpha channel.

    TIFF files store layer information, have the option of uncompressed data, and hold extended color profile information for use in things like photoshop and gimp. They are two formats with two intended purposes.

    PNG is, for the most part, strictly an export file format meant for display on end user systems. Designed to replace the GIF file format many years ago.

  • Exactly.

    Even though we figured out, that PSDs works fine in this case, TIFF is the normal interchange format for layered graphics

  • So i have just purchased this and it looks amazing. however it is only in landscape format, would it be possible for a portrait format 9:16 aspect ratio?? thanks in advanced as im not good with the photoshop stuff.

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