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    <p>Create an adventure through space game using this space gamekit. A pack that contains all you need to build up a beautiful looking pixel art game, the pack comes with the following files: </p><p>A 32x32 hero spritesheet with three standard animations which are; standing animation, walking animation and jump animation.In the same spritesheet you will find three foes with one standard animation each. </p><p>A 32x32 tileset that comes with all possible terrain variations even multiple slopes ( the tileset actually contains over 80 terrain parts).</p><p>A 2 fx layers that will help you get the same mood/look of the presentation jpeg shown in the game's page. </p><p>2 parallax backgrounds (to use in underground levels). 1 static background and a UI 2 bars that stand for hp and mp. </p><p>Hope you will enjoy this pack, if you are looking for other game packs be sure to visit my profile page</p>

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