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    <p>Simple switches and levers! Great for:</p>

    • - Doors
    • - Bridges
    • - Traps
    • - Forcefields
    • - Security cams
    • - Etc�

    <p>These elements help add environmental interaction to your game. They're made to work great with rectangular collision, and their states are readable even at a small size. Easy to click on or run into or run over or jump on, for low-effort state changes.</p><p>Includes:</p>

    • - Throw lever, front-facing, 2 frames, each frame 100px X 100px
    • - Slide switch, front-facing, 2 frames, each frame 100px X 100px
    • - Stick lever, side-facing, 3 frames, each frame 100px X 100px (could be used for 3 states, or ping-pong between 2 states)
    • - Shallow switches, floor- and side-mounted, 2 frames, each frame 100px X 50px
    • - The above items are saved as PNG files with transparency, ready to be used as strips in the animation editor
    • - PDF with primer info
    • - Sample CAPX file, shows these elements animating in a loop
    • - PSD file

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