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75 explosion sound effects. Essential for many games, Explosions Sounds contains a mix of explosion and impact sounds.
  • Sheeky's Weapons Sounds — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    <p>75 high quality weapon sound effects. Weapons contains a massive selection of weapons, from sci-fi lasers and beam weapons, space cannons and ion-cannons, to rifles, time bombs, artillery and rearm/reload sounds.</p><p>Like these sounds? Why not check out Sheeky's Sound Collections, bundles of four or more sound packs and a discounted price, or check out Sheeky's Complete Collection for the ultimate in audio resources.</p>

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  • Hi,

    I'm looking for a zombie sound pack including weapon sounds, zombies and background music. Do you have such a package?

    Is there an "empty clip" and a "reloading" sound file included in this package?

    Thank you!

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  • Hi, The Army Sounds set would be a better choice because Weapons is mostly space/sci-fi weapons. There are a few human grunts/moans. The Monsters Sounds pack includes quite a lot of Zombie roars, and things like flesh bite and crunch sounds.

    Sheeky's Army Sounds:

    Checkpoint, LevelAztec, Off, On, PressButton, LeverBamboo, LeverWood, LeverMetal, PickupHealth, PickupPlain, PickupItem, PickupWeapon, LiftUp, OpenDoorWood, TryDoorWood, CloseDoorWood, ExploGrenade, ExploWet, ExploLaw, ExploAtom, Burner, Carbine, DeathRobot, DuckStand, HitRobot, HitIncendiary, HitAP, AssaultM, AssaultMach, AssaultLight, AssaultPaper, AssaultDim, AssaultFour, AssaultMotor, PistolSlow, PistolSilenced, ShotgunTaskforce, ShotgunGlassy, ShotgunClear, PrimeBeeps, PrimeDisarm, RocketStorm, RocketGun, Reload, Turretgun, SniperTask, SniperCrisp, ArtilleryRoom, ArtilleryDist, Stab, Flintlock, LaunchBomb, MissilePlain, SpaceIonCannon, SpaceProton, SpacePhaser, SpaceGlobule, SpaceBlasm, ArrowScifi, Bootstep1, Bootstep2, Bootstep3, MetalStep1, MetalStep2, WoodStep1, WoodStep2, RadioBeep, RadioNoise, RadioCancel, RadarBlip, VaultOpen, VaultClosed, HumVee, MoanUgh, Moan.

    Sheeky's Monsters Sounds:

    FleshCut, FleshHit1, FleshHit2, FleshHit3, FleshHit4, FleshSplat, FleshStabbed, ZombieRoar, ZombieGrag, ZombieAttack, ZombieDeath, ZombieGrowl, ZombieMumble, ZombieSalivate, DemonAttack, DemonGrowl, SnakeAttack, SnakeMove, SnakeHit, SlimeAttack, SlimeDeath, SlimeHit, SlimeMove1, SlimeMove2, SpiderAttack, SlugAttack, SlugMove, VampireHiss, VampireSpit, VampireCry, JellyAttack, JellyDeath, JellyWalk, RatAttack, RatHit, RatDeath, RatPain, BatSqueak, BatScream, BatBite, CatMeow1, CatMeow2, Moo, Crickets, DogBark, DuckyCluck, DuckyGiveItHere, DuckyHello, DuckyHit, DuckyOuch, GigAw, GigHoar, GigProko, GigWarHor, GoatBleat, HonkNo, HonkOkay, HonkOuch, HonkYes, WarbHello, WarbFlutter, WarbHungry, WarbNice, WarbNo, WarbTalk, WarbYes, Fish, FishBlob, CrowBuzz, CrowBuzzMute, CrowBuzzShort, GroanDead, GroanPain, GroanDeadAgain, GroanUgh.

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