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    <p>Construct 2 ? fishing game template capX</p><p>Earn money by catching the fish to buy new boats from the store. This method can easily be adapted following the same principle I used to create the store adding in items such as more game time, fishing rods etc.</p><p>I created 4 types of fish, 1 shark, 4 types of fishing boats. You start of with no money and a free basic fishing boat. </p><p>The template has water, lightning, rain, clock day and night effects. I created a mini tutorial of the game play playable from the menu screen, a boat shop, info page, a pause menu, a hiscore, a cash system and much more! </p><p>Catch the fish to earn more game time, points and cash! Watch out for the sharks and birds they love to eat fresh fish.</p><p>I created the art using Adobe Illustrator. The music is royalty free for commercial use.</p><p>Play the demo to see if this template is what your after, please don?t buy this if your using the demo version of Construct 2 it wont work due to the amount of events and functions used.</p>

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