Scrolling Level Selector (Game Templates)

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Background Story generation templates. See the Arcade demo.
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    <p>Scrolling Level Selector - Dynamic Level Menu and Scoring system</p><p>Includes features:</p><p>Scrolling Level Screen</p>

    • Smooth scrolling level selection screen with adjustable scroll speed
    • Easily expandable with more levels, just create more tiles and go

    <p>Animated Level Window</p>

    • An animated level selection window creates a unique UI and provides for more screen space to show details about a level
    • Configurable animation speed and look

    <p>Single Layout or Multiple Layout Level Loading</p>

    • Level selection can lead you to a single static layout or different layouts based on number

    <p>BONUS: Level Scoring and Star System</p><p>Configurable Point Goal System</p>

    • Easily set up goals for a specific level
    • Allows for high player replay-ability
    • Tracks highest score for each level

    <p>Web Storage Based Saving</p>

    • Progress and goals are saved using webstorage

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