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6 looping tracks to use in your games and projects. These tracks are in the style of the 1960s detective movie genre.
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    <p>Sci Fi Adventure Music Asset Pack</p><p>This pack contains ten professionaly composed, recorded and mastered music tracks, once purchased you are able to use any or all of the ten tracks in your creative projects.</p><p>Each track in this pack is designed to evoke a sense of sci fi fantasy and excitement and can be utilised to add an edge of epic wonder to your video games or other projects.</p><p>The tracks in the pack are :-</p><p>Call To Arms</p><p>Cosmic Cook Off</p><p>Galactic Reboot</p><p>Hans Brother (Bass Solo)</p><p>Innevitable Fate</p><p>Messages From Beyond</p><p>Outer Rim</p><p>Sand Worms</p><p>Supernatural Whispers</p><p>Venture Outside</p><p>All tracks in this pack are composed, recorded and produced by Rob Southworth.</p><p>Other music asset packs are available to suit other genre of game including horror games, retro games driving and fighting games.</p>

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