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    <p>RopeGen - Procedural Rope Generation Toolkit</p><p>Includes features:</p>

    • Dynamic generation of ropes with realistic physics
    • Create ropes of varying lengths and sizes with ease, just place and go
    • Easily adjustable Construct II physics allow for ropes with different properties
    • Easily anchor ropes to other objects and sprites

    <p>Rope interation</p>

    • Easily allow climbing, swinging and sliding

    <p>Segment based generation</p>

    • High performance and won?t cause slowdown
    • Easily skinnable for a customizable look

    <p>Instance based identification</p>

    • Easily address a single rope based on ID
    • Allows for high scalability as ropes don?t cause adverse reactions with each other

    <p>Detailed comments and groupings</p>

    • Logic is separated out into functional parts, remove or keep as much as you want
    • Comments on every section to explain functionality

    Use this topic to leave comments, ask questions and talk about RopeGen

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