Role playing dice. (Graphics)

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  • Role playing dice. — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    <p>High resolution, 256x256 dice sprite sets to make your game look great. All dice come with a simple rolling animation loop, and a sprite of each face for showing the roll result.</p><p>You can drag and drop the source files into your C2 for manual import. Or you can use the example file and copy and paste the spites into your application. The example sprite have the roll animation, and the face result in the same sprite.</p><p>Key Features:</p><p> Example Construct 2 file included for easy copy+paste sprite into your application. </p><p> Source .PNG files for face, and animations.</p><p> High-resolution sprite set for high-definition games. </p><p> Red,Green,Blue,Yellow, and Black sprite sets for Non-WebGL applications.</p><p> Lots of 4-color combination themes for Web-GL applications by changing the layer hue (Example included)</p><p> Free traditional �dot� sprite for 6 sided dice.</p><p> Free 8-ball 20 sided dice for decision making, flipism games.</p><p> Free red crystal sprite for 20 sided dice.</p><p> </p><p>Uses:</p><p> Role playing games. (RPG,CRPG,JRPG,MMO,MMORPG,Etc.)</p><p> Board games.</p><p> Flipism applications / games.</p><p> Dice roller applications.</p><p> Cool forum avatar�s for your players.</p><p> Character sheet generators.</p><p> Game icons.</p>

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  • I just put this package up for a 96 hour sale for 50% off.

    It will be on Friday 8/21/2015at 4:00:00 AM and last until Tuesday8/25/2015at 4:00:00 AM

  • Price is almost half off now. I did not realize the price was in British pounds. They are apparently worth much more than US $ right now lol!

    There will be an upated version soon with sprite sheets atlases so you can use them in a Construct 2 tile-map or use them in other game engines.

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