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    <p>*Music in preview not included*</p><h3>So you want to craft a Roguelike?</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>This pack contains 260 sounds and offers a complete sound-bank to illustrate your Rogue-like or any fantastic medieval themed game, accessed on dungeon and middle age weaponry fights.</p><p>I focused my work on detailed combat, character movements, dungeon exploration and looting sounds, always working in the name of player's feedback.</p><p>This pack includes</p>

    • 5 quite creepy ambient sounds and 3 local ambient sounds such as fire and magic source.
    • 19 environmental sounds such as Doors, traps, shrines, and moving walls to illustrate interactions.
    • 18 footstep sounds on various floor types, including armor sounds to add on the regular sound if the character is armored.
    • 42 impacts to illustrate various hits, sorted by materials such as MetalOnFlesh, ArrowMetal, WoodOnFlesh or SwordOnSword.
    • 13 interface sounds with 4 orchestral style jingles and different styles of cursors.
    • 20 item sounds to illustrate looting or manipulation in inventory, and a few classics like torch, potion or map when the players uses it.
    • 29 magic sounds with fire, ice, bolt and healing.
    • 62 monster sounds to illustrate 6 different monsters like slimes, zombies, and goblins.
    • 18 movement illustration sounds like jumps, dashes and corpse falling, with and without armor weared.
    • 31 weapon sounds (Sword, dagger, big sword, bow, axe and staff) with the equipment sounds and swings.

    <p>The Roguelike soundpack fits perfectly for quite small sized games, and I plan to add free content updates.</p>

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