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6 looping tracks to use in your games and projects. These tracks are in the style of the 1960s detective movie genre.
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    <h3>Retro Music 1</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>This asset contains 8 old-school retro tunes (aka. chip tunes) and 2 lose jingles and 2 win jingles. All tunes are made with the same set of music instruments. Even the jingles. The tunes are perfect for a retro game (with pixel art) and reminds you of good old games from the 80's (C64 and the arcade halls). </p><p>Here is what you get:</p>

    • 4 tunes for casual in-game play (38 sec each, seamless loop-able)
    • 4 tunes for danger in-game play (38 sec each, seamless loop-able)
    • 2 win tunes (short, about 5 seconds)
    • 2 lose tunes (short, about 5 seconds)
    • A Construct 2 and a Construct 3 sample project.

    <p>In total: 5 min and 27 seconds of music.</p><p>Good luck with your game!</p><h3>More?</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>If you like this asset or perhaps want me to add something, please let me know (do not just give bad reviews). Thanks!</p>

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