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  • REKJL Sprite Pack — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    A large collection of over 1500 Sprites that can be used for any genre of games. Seamless tiles, borders and edges for those tiles, Skies, Clouds, Trees, Crates and more!

    8/10/14: Version 1.1 update:

    New sprites added:

    -All right side edges have been included.

    -1 new barrel design has been added (7 different colors)

    -Every single barrel now has a new "dirty" version, comes in all colors

    -8 new boulder sprites has been included (5 different colors)

    New barrels on display (Everything in the image is included in this REKJL graphics pack)

    New boulders on display (Everything in the image is included in this REKJL graphics pack)

  • Nice sprites! The only suggestion I have is for the next pack to have some dirtier textures. For example, many of the examples in the 'Cave' screenshot are quite glossy, whereas in actuality they'd be quite 'grungy' under the ground and less reflective. Additionally, sprites such as the boxes in the 'Cave' screenshot and the reflective barrels are styled with one perspective in mind - light directions are pre-set, and boxes have one perspective - so it would be difficult for people in some situations to apply these to their levels.

    Besides those points, I like the overall look of the sprites and appreciate all the effort involved. I hope it sells well and that you continue you efforts!

  • Thank you for your kind words. I like your suggestion for "dirtier" models. I think I will do that and add new sprites with that effect in the next update.

    As for the direction of the light source for the sprites, we could flip it in the editor in C2 to change the direction of the light source. We could also do the same for the boxes which would give it a different perspective.

    Thanks to your feedback, I found new information I need to add in the FAQ section and what to work on for the next update. Thanks and really appreciate your feedback.

  • rekjl People could indeed flip for the light angles, but the light is only hitting the side. What if someone wanted light directly from above, or below as something with a light chased them from the depths? That is more what I was highlighting, not the flipping so much as that is remedied as you mentioned, .

  • inquiesco, ah now I understand. Hmm...that is definitely interesting. I will try cracking my head to see if I can come up with a solution to give the user more control on this. Haha trying to see if I can find a clever solution to this or I will have to create every sprite with different light source.

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  • rekjl Yeah, a bit of a brain teaser, haha. Might be easier to just remove the lighting effect (is it on a different layer per object for you to easily remove? Hope so! .

  • inquiesco, sorry for the late reply, I never saw the notification.

    Haha exactly. Honestly, I also thought of doing a separate sprite mainly for highlights and shadow, but it takes more toll on the system because we are adding more sprites and transparency to it. And having the user combine both sprites into 1 for themselves, might be difficult and troublesome to some.

    Haha I guess the best option would be to create different sprites with different light sources. But maybe only after the next few updates cause there are some things I wanted to add first, which will include "dirty" looking boxes and barrels. Will start working on the next update once I get back form my working trip now.

  • Thanks to your feedback, I've made some new dirty looking sprites. Haha I think it looks ok and gives more option to the person using it. I will try to do the same with the boxes and crates for the next update.

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