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An amazing and interesting puzzle game for kids!
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    <p>Ever wonder how game developers get those awesome signature sounds for their games? How do sound designers and audio engineers come up with fantastic user interface and game play sound effects? Well? this is it: Puzzle Game Sound Effects Library. 550+ industry defining game ready sound effects. Full of spunk, sparkly tones and bubbly frequencies, Puzzle Game gives you access to the game sound assets your users are expecting. </p><p>Take a listen to the demos and you?ll catch a glimpse of influences from Bejeweled, Tetris Blitz, Candy Crush and Puzzle Quest.</p><p>Puzzle Game is a time saving set of designed and complex, simple and organic SFX including: connects, drops, items, menu and interface interactions, tile movement, gears, lever and switch sounds. A veritable jack-pot of immersive game sound and production value for your creative audio project. Hey, you just found the missing piece! Puzzle Game.</p><p>All sounds in 96k 24bit and 44.1k 16 bit .WAV files plus mp3 format files that are ready-made to drag and drop straight into your audio production or game sound project. Puzzle Game sound effects library is the latest installment in Epic Stock Media?s popular series of game genre sound libraries: Ancient Game, Retro Game, Mobile Game, Ambient Game, Builder Game, Vibrant Game, Fantasy Game, and Fantasy World (loops). All designed to make your audio life easier and faster with market leading quality and creativity, at a unquestionable value. Take a listen to the demos and you?ll catch a glimpse of influences from Bejeweled, Tetris Blitz, Candy Crush and Puzzle Quest.</p><p>562 files</p><p>11 minutes lapsed time</p><p>All in .WAV 96k 24bit, 44.1k 16bit and mp3</p><p>Game style sound effects library</p><p>Game Accents and Achievements</p><p>Bonus Sounds, Breaks and Collects</p><p>Connects, Drops, Items</p><p>Magic, Menu, and UI</p><p>Merge, Tile Movement</p><p>Gear and Lever Switches and Turns</p><p>Notifications and Alert Sounds</p><p>Upgrades, Poofs, and Disappears</p><p>Organic UI, Static Hits</p>

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