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    Solution for save user data into online database with php & mysql without setting plugin cordova or cocoon.

    Features :

    Full online

    Register & Login system

    Leaderboard / Highscore system

    Record / History system

    Updating system

    Fully documented

    Many more...

    ***Work for all platform***

    ***Recommended for every game / app who want save user data into online database***

    ***This template using 3rd party Addons

    sirg_notifications, buttonFlatui, loader and JSON.

    ***Addons installation

    Open Zip file and find C2 Plugins folder and place all the named folders sirg_notifications, buttonFlatui, loader and JSON plugins to folder '<install path>\exporters\html5\plugins'


    Open documentation folder

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  • Is this functional with cocoon / phone gap? I plan to read/write to a current mysql db with an app, compiled with cocoon. Thanks!

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