Planet Pack: 3D Pre-Rendered (Graphics)

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    <p> presents</p><p>3D Planet Pack : 3D Pre-Rendered Planets</p><p>Rendered in 3D, 25 Similar Themed Planets</p><p>Use it for Game Backgrounds, Loading screens , Assets for Game Worlds. Great for Space, strategy and Fantasy type games.</p><p>Total 25 Planets</p><p>Resolution is 1600 x 1200 pixels</p><p>Provided as merged .png files</p><p>We will create a 3D world Map and 3D Top view based game maps for each planet in the future.</p><p>Free Gift: With every Game pack we create, we are giving something absolutely Free</p><p>It can be another asset, a complete bundle pack, 3D Printable model/s, a printable paper craft we created or a complete craft/tutorials ebook.</p><p>GIFT for this pack is :- Extra Planets</p><p>We rendered a lot of planets, but not all were selected for the pack. We are including these as well in merged jpeg format. Maybe you can find some way to use it. </p><p>Can be used for Splash Screens and</p><p>in game menu and World Map screens.</p><p>Provided with this pack in the folder called Free Gift.</p><p>Contact us for any problems you face or demand for new asset packs.</p><p>Behance Portfolio:

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