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    <p>WHAT IS INCLUDED?</p><p>LAYERED PHOTOSHOP FILE</p><p>There are 6 skin tones, 6 shoe/trouser colours, 6 top colours and 6 hair colours all on seperate layers that can be turned on or off to achieve a virtually endless amount of colour combinations for your human sprite sheets. Be sure to turn of the background when you save them out as .png. The grid size for all sprite cells is 16�16 pixels. I have also saved out all layers as individual .png files so there is no photoshop required to use these files if you don�t have it but you will need to find another way to layer them on top of each other. Perhaps in construct somehow.</p><p>ANIMATIONS IN THIS PACKAGE</p>

    • WALK human and zombie male and female up, down, left
    • STAND human and zombie male and female up, down, left
    • GETHIT human and zombie male and female up, down, left
    • DIE human and zombie male and female
    • RISE from dead zombie male and female
    • BLOOD effect
    • BLOOD leak

    <p>I have also included a little bonus material that I constructed while I was working on these sprites.</p><p>Perfect for a crowd simulation or � a zombie infection simulation! I could not help but include zombie sprites. I was inspired by this infection simulation: kevan.org/proce55ing/zombies perhaps someone will make a version using my sprites some day :).</p><p>Hope you like them!</p>

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